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Healthy kids starts with YOU

I’m an advocate of being a good example to your kids in all areas of life. What they see you say and do is what sticks with them for most of their lives! It’s difficult to undo bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles once they are ingrained into our children’s minds so we’ve got to always be on our […] Read more…


Egg white frittata

A friend recently asked me for this recipe, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted it yet! It’s in the normal rotation around here, because there’s SO many ways to tweak it for a different flavor and the nutrition is insane! It’s good warm or cold, for breakfast or dinner. Top with salsa, or whatever […] Read more…


kids + sugar

This is a bit of a vent/confessional/wake-up call. Kids are obsessed with sugar. Mine own included. If you always allowed children to be in control of what they put into their mouth, I’m pretty convinced that 80% of it would be sugar.  Just some helpful information: The American Health Association has set these guidelines for children’s […] Read more…