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be_authenticAs we’re still in the beginning of the new year, I’ve been crazy busy as a personal trainer. It’s so great, but it means I’ve really need to schedule my time out wisely!

For all of you: those who are my clients, and those who follow my blog and social pages in hopes of gaining motivation or some kind of new information regarding fitness, thank you! Thanks for your support and participation and making me feel like I’m doing something worthwhile. =) And I hope you get something out of what I put my time into.

This past year, and really since I competed last, about 14 months ago, I’ve had a lot of opportunities come my way. I’ve had quite a few offers to make “way” more money than I do, by selling certain health programs, products, or becoming a health coach.

I do not mean to downplay any of those avenues, because they can be beneficial for so many people! I actually have been really close to signing on with a certain company, but I can’t bring myself to do it, because I don’t believe in it 100%. If I can’t stand behind something and testify of its value for myself, I simply can’t prescribe it for other people, even if it promises to make me lots of money.


My expertise and background is in exercise science with emphasis on fitness and wellness. I’ve widely adopted the idea of “balance” because ultimately I think that’s the only way a lot of us can succeed and enjoy the process of becoming more healthy. The things I post about are often based on personal experience and struggles, and backed by my degree and certification. I may not always be right, or have all the answers but I enjoy the challenge of learning still. This approach, while not the most lucrative, is what I feel good about, and gives me the most satisfaction.

The fitness industry can be a pretty tricky one- lots of phoniness, photoshop, and not enough transparency and honesty. I just want you to know that I mean what I say, I practice what I preach, and my biggest goal is to help others feel the amazing repercussions of pursuing an active, fit healthy life. =) And I’m out.. have a great week!


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