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The new year is almost upon us!635845200979031950-1693487873_2016yay

Did you accomplish what you set out to in 2015? I couldn’t even find any written resolutions of my own, which is a pretty bad sign. What exactly did I do all year?!

This time last year, I had come out of a short competing season, and welcomed a break from all that. The “break” lasted about 13 months… I’m the kind of person that always exercises (it is my relief and motivation and sanity), but without specific goals to strive for, I admit I’ve felt a little lost, as far as fitness goes.

Sure, I made an effort with some other important endeavors, like being more patient with my kids, making more time for spiritual things, etc. But sometimes without specifics, it’s hard to actually measure your progress and success- or lack thereof.

I’m brainstorming what I really want to develop this year- what needs work, what can push me in the right directions. I’ve realized that no, just floating and going through the motions does not give me a sense of accomplishment. I need specifics, I need something out of my comfort zone, and a challenge.

I’ll comment more on my goals later, once I’ve made a final commitment =) I’ll have them written and posted somewhere I can see all year, and I WILL accomplish them! Consider this your invitation as well, to create a better habit for yourself, and to try something you’ve never done, push yourself further than you have previously. Get rid of doubt and insecurity and fear of failure and prove to yourself and others, that….Setting-Career-Goals-in-2015
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