Supplement Basics

I’ve been asked quite a bit about supplements. So I’m addressing women who may have similar goals to mine, in that they want to lose weight, and build muscle but be lean, and “toned.” All of the above right? =)

Weight training should be a part of everyone’s routine, and to encourage growth, you gotta up the protein! The best sources are from real whole foods: chicken, tuna, eggs, etc, but a quick protein or meal replacement shake is always really beneficial especially before or after a workout.

I’ve tried LOTS of protein powders, and I don’t think they’re all created equal. Undenatured whey- from cows that have not been treated with steroids, antibiotics, or hormones are by FAR going to be the best choice! iStock_000016560931Small

I recommend a good multivitamin for everyone. Preferably time-released am/pm packs that are gender-specific. Crappy vitamins will not fully break down, and therefore will not be absorbed (aka waste of money)!


I do take a pre-workout but not every single day, every single workout. I don’t want to depend on caffeine. I use a stimulant-free one with no artificial sweeteners.

Fat burners:

So if you’ve ever struggled with your weight, maybe you’ve taken one or contemplated it.

I remember I did in college, felt crazy on them, and then never really saw weight loss.

Here’s the thing: Hydroxycut or Xenadrine or whatever magic fat loss pill says on the label that it works in conjunction with proper diet and exercise. I always exercised but never was as consistent with my diet. Thus, no results. Lots of competitors take them to aid in stripping the last bit of fat off, but it’s really important that you follow the instructions, and you cycle off.

For me personally when in a fat loss phase, I use a natural accelerator to boost my metabolism, curb cravings and appetite, and that is also free of stimulants.


This was new to me when I started training for shows. Branch chain amino acids help support lean muscle and aid in recovery and growth. Great for before, during and after a workout.

I use Amped Recover on training days- also free of artificial sweeteners, reduces muscle loss, and promotes muscle repair and growth!

If you’ve got fitness goals, whether it’s losing a little weight, training for a marathon, or simply getting your body healthy and strong, what you put INTO it is going to make a huge difference in your outcome!!

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