Despite the seemingly flawless photos of competitors or fitness models, or people on social media posting their best, most flattering selfie (guilty), just be aware that many if not all of them have insecurities and flaws.

I’ve spent lots of time while in contest prep browsing photos of pro competitors, to get an idea of how you’re “supposed to look” and how to pose, and I’ll be honest, it can be depressing!

Most of them look freaking perfect.

Like, how do judges even score them when everyone looks amazing?!

But I’ve been backstage, where people actually walk around, and aren’t in a perfect flattering pose, and I see cellulite, and saggy butts, and stretch marks!

It’s a huge relief! We’ve all got something wrong with us!!

I had the most amazing photos done, which highlighted my muscles and my stretch marks, and crazy herniated belly button. I struggle with it, but it is what it is!

Which brings me to my next point:

Posing is a big deal.

My coach told me it’s not always the girl with the best physique that wins shows, but it’s the one who presents herself best. Creates the illusion of having the best physique.

I can tell you right now that I probably didn’t have the best body! I had insecurities- I felt my legs were big, my glute-hamstring tie-in (where your butt and hamstrings connect) wasn’t where I wanted it to be. My abs were ripped, but I had to make an effort to keep em tight.

Looking at comparison photos, there are girls who look better than me in different ways!!

But I used what I know was good, and presented it the best I could.

I have pretty developed lats, and I have a booty. If I twist just right in that front pose, my waist looks tiny. (And it’s really not that small!!) I created a nice silhouette from what I had.

My stage presentation was 30 seconds. I opted not to do anything flirty or sexy because that’s not my personality (I mean business people!!)

There are girls who do crazy shiz on that stage! Like bending over weird, or sticking out their chest, or doing strange things with their hands.

It’s awkward.

I don’t blow kisses or shake my hips around, I just keep it simple, and I appear confident, and hit poses I know flatter me best, and I don’t like to do stuff that I feel weird doing.

Are you with me?

So my point is, people are showing their best angles in competitions, posing just right to highlight their strengths and hide the flaws. It’s actually quite hard! Which is why we practice posing A LOT.

Stage pictures look awesome but be aware that they are meant to. Everyone’s in killer shape but we’ve all got flaws 😉

Speaking of flaws, people ask me a lot about cellulite, and if you can get rid of it:

Rule #1

Rule #2

But by all means, you wear what you want! 😉

I’m not an expert on this subject, but this is what I understand:

Cellulite is just fat under the skin, and it’s bumpy and puckers because it’s pushing against connective tissue.

Is there a cure? Yes and no…

I believe it’s genetic. You may never get rid of it, but you can greatly reduce it!

It’s not by creams and lipo (unless you had some crazy success story, by all means, share!), but it’s by cleaning up your diet, and LIFTING WEIGHTS.

I’d say most women have it on the back of their legs and butt, so get some heavy weights and squat! Doing lunges, leg press, anything to activate and put pressure on those muscles.

You’ll create better shape and reduce your body fat. When you’re leaner, you’re likely to have less cellulite. Capiche?

I’ve had cellulite both pregnancies. I hate it, but I manage to get rid of it…

On stage, you don’t see the stretch marks on my hips or inside of my thighs, all from big weight swings. But they’re there! Smoke and mirrors, friends.

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