Summer challenge Winners!

Congratulations to those who participated in the summer 6-week challenge! We had a much smaller group this time around- which is okay. From the feedback, it sounds like this challenge was a little more “challenge-ing” because it’s summer: there’s lots of holidays and vacations and FOOD, and reasons to be inconsistent. But once you’ve got a few goals to stay on track, you can keep your energy levels up, increase your strength and fitness level, and still look good in a swimsuit past Memorial Day 😉 Score all around!

Since we only had a handful of participants, we’ll be doing ONE overall points winner, plus a transformation winner.

Our WINNER for points for the summer challenge is:

Lindsey Giles!! She got 262 (out of 264) points, so almost a perfect score!

Her ‘before and after’ during the 6 weeks: She says she didn’t see a huge difference visually or on the scale, but loved how she felt, without the added sugars, and with the goals such as adding more veggies. (Besides, she looks great in both pictures!)

unnamed-5 Lindsey said: “I learned that what’s best for me is making habits a couple at a time rather than a huge overhaul.”

I think this is such a great statement and I agree! Trying to or wanting to change too many things at a time can leave you stressed, more apt to fail, then frustrated and in a never-ending cycle of disappointment. Minor changes over time will yield lasting results as you practice it, then adopt the habit long-term. Hopefully the goals I choose for the challenges include things most of us are already doing, but maybe the point is to just do it better =) Great job Lindsey!!

I’m sending her $75 in prize money!! (this amount based on total participation $ in the pot just FYI)


As for the TRANSFORMATION, the winner goes to:

Heather Eaton!!

Top Row: Before, Bottom Row: After unnamed-13

Heather jumped into this challenge just weeks after having a baby and has made really amazing progress by following her goals! She had a high score as well of 257! I think it’s important to note that this was “only” a 4-pound weight loss but it looks like so much more! She’s on a roll, getting that body back after baby… good job Heather!

Transformation prize (this round) is $50!

I’m super proud of our winners and those who gave it their all during the challenge! I know other participants had a 7-pound weight loss, which is so great, and is what I consider a “bonus” to adopting healthier habits =) To see previous challenge results, check here.

Keep it up everyone.. until next time!!

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