healthy gadgets to make your life easier

I’m like many of you- If something is going to require a lot of my time and effort, I straight up am not going to do it! Seriously. I’m a busy mom, I need convenient. But I also need healthy. So certain things make meal planning and healthy living make my life easier and I’m all about that.

1. parchment paper


So look, cookies are good, and parchment paper helps them to slide off easy. But I also like baking chicken in bulk, or literally anything else in the oven, with parchment paper on a baking sheet. Mostly because I really like the idea of not washing a baking sheet, and simply throwing away paper lol. Dishes are for schmucks.

2. George Foreman


A standard grill trumps this of course, but sometimes you just want a quicker turkey burger, inside. Or a panini. Or a quesadilla. I’ve made all the above with the George. Just don’t get caught with one in a hotel room… Smoke alarm goes off and you may be kicked out. So I’ve heard…

3. Iso Bag


Although I decided I don’t want to live my life eating out of Tupperware and carrying my own food everywhere, consider an “Iso bag” or other hardcore cooler as a convenient alternative. It’s like the best picnic basket ever, which we have heavily utilized at say, Disneyland. Lagoon. Church lol.

5. Veggetti


This funny little contraption was a gift from my husband, to me lol. Surprisingly, it is kinda fun to use, and did you know raw zucchini is really tasty?!

6. Big water bottle


Have you ever had a baby? Well when you leave the hospital, what’s the best thing you get to take home? Besides your baby….. Duh, it’s the enormous water bottle with a straw! For some reason, I had NO problem drinking my water throughout the day, carrying that around. Then when your baby is one, you realize you probably should throw that ghetto thing away. Then you’re sad and rethink having another baby, just to get another water bottle… Or maybe I’m weird.

7. Vitamin container


I found this thing at my local Complete Nutrition Utah, and bought it on a whim. It’s turned out to be super duper handy. We travel A LOT so these little containers store vitamins, your pre-workout powder, protein powder, drugs…

They stack up together for easy access, or twist apart, and it’s nice to keep up on everything in one handy little spot.

8. Versa Gripps


I’ve mentioned these before. I have now lost my THIRD pair, and I’m starting to think someone has been stealing them from me, as they are definitely worth stealing. They remind me of my old gymnastics bar grips, with a flap that wraps around a barbell or dumbbell. I really aced pull-ups because I got such a good grip. There, my secret’s out.

I’m always looking for other convenient ways to keep at your fitness goals, but making your life easier, so do share if you’ve also got a fitness hack!

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