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This is a personal post.Truth be told, I enjoy posting about personal things because I have no desire to spout off science, or play the expert know-it-all, or the queen of fitness. I can easily write about things that I have experience with, though, and I know both sides of the fitness spectrum. I ran into this quote today and thought how amazingly applicable it is to my life in so many different ways:


It’s actually a great lesson for a lot of us. When it comes to adopting healthier habits, people are afraid of the effort it’s going to take and the what-if’s and but’s (the excuses basically) but what it comes down to is this: Are you in control or are you letting your circumstances, your “bad day,” your time management, your lack of knowledge, your excuses, determine the quality of your life?

You practice self-control on a daily basis. You set your alarm every morning to go to work, to earn money to support a family. You resist buying Nordstrom boots because your budget doesn’t allow this month. You put your phone away to spend more time with your kids instead of perusing social media. So why do you do these things? You know of the consequences! You believe that making the right choice can ultimately bring contentment, avoid other struggles, and bring a sense of satisfaction to your life. You sacrifice a little of something for the greater good- or you hold off now for something better, later.


Temptations in any form will always exist. I want pizza every single day- actually, dessert of some kind too =) Every day it pops in my head! As I’ve said before, I do like to eat those things- as often as my physique will allow 😉 In the past several weeks though, I’ve tried to tighten up my diet a little (nothing extreme), push my workouts a little harder, and trust that results will come. Slowly but surely, I can feel it and I can see it. It does take a little effort and consistency but it’s not something that I had to drastically change my lifestyle to see.

But even after acknowledging this progress and being excited about it, I let some emotional hardships (basically I’ve had a really stressful week), mess with my head and I found myself wanting to skip my workout, and scrounging for chocolate chips and cheetos!! (Gasp!!) Why am I letting my bad day- and my emotions, dictate the rest of MY choices?

You gotta regroup. Fitness is a hard thing to see immediate results from- because you don’t! You gotta work consistently one day at a time but to me, consistency doesn’t mean flawless. It means you have more good days than bad.patterns of success.001Quite possibly the worst selfie ever (the only current one I have), but progress pictures help. I’ve lost 4 pounds since Christmas. That is slooooow but it doesn’t matter! I took circumference measurements today and compared them to February. Waist down an inch, booty up an inch! haha (and yes I am pleased with that). I feel like I’ve made some improvements in my shoulders…And although my most recent experiences with fitness are in competing and the aesthetics part of things, I love feeling strong and energetic and healthy. That will always trump looks in my opinion.

FullSizeRender-6 copy 2

You don’t have to be perfect, but you have to be better. Isn’t that kind of the point of life?

So you fall off, but you make your next choice a healthy, better one because YOU are in control. You remind yourself of your goals and why they are worth it. And soon enough, you’ll feel that satisfaction that you had to work so hard for- and it will be amazing.

P.S. Why the hell are there chocolate chips and cheetos in my house?! Shame shame… Let that be a lesson to you- if it’s there, even if you normally ignore it, one bad emotional day, and you will find that naughty sneaky stash! Just don’t buy it! 😉 Also, I’m going to go work out now! One corrected choice, and you’re back on track, see?!

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