Thai peanut lettuce wraps

Thai food is one of my FAVORITES! But with all the peanut butter-y stuff and coconut curries, AND rice, it’s usually very calorically dense =( Boo.

So make your own healthy version! I made this in 5 minutes, literally. I just happened to have all these things on hand though and it’s not even a real recipe, just winging it 😉

Note: I baked about 6 chicken breasts in my oven last night as my weekly food prep. There are so many uses and I love just having it ready.



Ingredients: (for a single serving)


2 TBSP  of PB2 (powdered peanut butter)

2 TBSP lite (lower sodium) soy sauce or liquid aminos

2 TBSP water

1 tsp minced garlic

1 tsp (ish) lime juice- I just kinda squeezed, no measure

1 tsp sriracha (to taste)

1 packet stevia (or to taste-you might even omit this)

Mix it all together, then make your lettuce wraps with:

4 oz shredded chicken

shredded carrots

lettuce leaves

green onion, chopped

lime, sriracha, peanuts, cilantro, whatever you want! You could add some brown rice or quinoa too. Super tasty.

I like volume food. Things that take up my whole plate, so I feel like I’m eating plenty. This dish is under 300 calories. BOOM.

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