Fit pregnancy: how much is too much?

I’m writing this in response to the “super fit pregnant model,” Sarah Stage who is all over the news, and by news I pretty much mean my Facebook feed. And these are my opinions.. =)


So this first-time Mom is something like 8 1/2 months pregnant. Seriously! So we all know what I looked like at 8 1/2 months… If you need a reminder, here’s a post!..

Anyway, she claims that she was fit before getting pregnant and has remained fit and healthy during her pregnancy. And well, kudos to her! Do I think she needs to gain more weight? I HAVE NO IDEA. I want to say yes, but only because I’m jealous 😉

If this chick’s doctor says everything is fine and dandy with her and the baby, then my goodness, that is awesome. She’s a tall thin model… there’s a lot of good going for her! She will bounce back quickly.

And how quickly is acceptable? I’ve been there where after baby, everything is hanging and loose and jiggly and you’re depressed and hormonal and just trying to enjoy a new beautiful baby. I was SO eager to jump back into exercise because duh, you can’t wait to get that weight off.

This past year, a lot of high-profile fitness model-types have gotten pregnant and/or had babies!

Jamie Eason, Bella Falconi, Jessie Hilgenberg, Ashley Horner…


I think it’s awesome that they decided to become moms, even if it meant certain parts of their bodies might never be the same. But, it’s their JOB to look good and promote health. I mean they still have ab lines with a big baby belly, it’s crazy! We can aspire to setting goals and achieving them too, but I don’t really feel the pressure to fit that standard though, and neither should any woman.

Ashley Horner had a baby a few weeks ago, via c-section (it’s her 3rd baby), and she posted a video of herself doing LUNGES, one WEEK after having a section. K peeps, I wasn’t even able to poop after 1 week, let alone do lunges!! (TMI I know, but let’s keep it real here). My immediate reaction was, this is HORRIBLE! I mean, most women are still on heavy pain meds, you’re not supposed to exercise for at LEAST 6 weeks, so what is she trying to promote here?! C-section is a big deal, your stomach has been cut open to pull out a human being. But then I realized, Ashley Horner isn’t just a hot fitness model. She’s an athlete.. she does Ironmans. She’s SUPER active and remained so during her pregnancy. I want to believe she followed doctors orders and she and her baby are fine. So even though it seems crazy for me, we have different bodies and situations and I’ll try to keep an open mind..

Plus, I love this!


Remember that woman who ran the Boston marathon several years back, and she was like 8 months prego?? Amazing. I can barely walk when I’m that big lol.

Pregnancy is not a handicap. The amount of exercise you do before getting pregnant can keep up as long as your body can handle it (according to your doctor). And if you don’t look like a rockstar when you’re at 8 1/2 months pregnant, join the club! You’re with the other 95% of us women =)

I found this article on, I think it helps to know what’s healthy and not when it comes to fit pregnancies!

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  1. Catherine Wiggins
    March 10, 2015 at 3:16 pm (3 years ago)

    YES! Pregnancy is not a handicap. But as women we compare too much and feel bad about ourselves if we don’t measure up. We collectively need to stop comparing! And what works for them won’t work for us, for sure! Love this post, Steph. Awesome as always. :)


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