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I follow a lot of clean-eaters, who post tasty recipes that I’m always trying out. I rarely come up with something entire delicious on my own 😉 That being said, though, I’m often asked what some of my favorite food supplements are- those things that make food taste better when you’re trying to eat healthy and lower calorie.

I have found that I buy the same things over and over again, wherever the cheapest I can find them- Could be Amazon, could be Walmart, or, or through our friends’ supplement shop: Mixers Nutrition.

I like the online shop Vitacost, because it’s quick and FREE shipping, and they have decent sales, where at least you can get a small discount on Quest bars that are typically hard to find.

These are some of my staples!food supps.001

PB2: It’s a powdered peanut butter, when mixed with water.. it’s only 45 cals a serving (instead of 190!)

Coconut almond butter: If I’m eating the real thing, it’s gotta be this good 😉

Truvia and liquid stevia: Really the only sweetener that’s not crap for you. It’s super strong- be aware.

Liquid aminos: I know it looks so weird, but it’s pretty much like a 0-calorie (and very low sodium) soy sauce. I just made a beef stirfry for lunch with it today, it was delish!

Frontier adobo seasoning: just so good on EVERYTHING.

Popcorn seasonings! Walmart has a great selection- I love it on vegetables, meat, plus the caramel one on oatmeal. They’re all low sodium, bonus!

Quest bars and chips: I just love them

Walden Farms: Most of their stuff is nast. I do, however, like the pancake syrup. Blueberry flavor is good too!

Coconut sugar, oil, and flour: great for baking

Protein powders: The Dymatize ISO 100 is so great, and we also love Cellucor PB marshmallow! They’re the ones we buy over and over.

SO I mentioned Vitacost, where I get a lot of these foods, and they have a subscribe-and-save program, which is convenient. Also, there’s a referral program, where you get $10 off a first purchase! I really don’t even care if you use it or not, but the link is below if you’re wanting to shop for any of these things anyway =) Hopefully it works, and let me know if it doesn’t!

Vitacost discount 

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