Should I detox?


Juicing is SO hot right now. So hot.

Ok, honestly there’s always something new and trendy to excite people about weight loss. Several people have asked me if I think it’s a good idea, because they’re already planning on doing a cleanse before they start a diet and exercise program..

I feel like my body runs pretty smoothly, I’m healthy, have energy, and try to look and BE fit. I have never done and probably never will do any kind of detox. But that’s just me.

My husband and I were both a little chubby after I had my first child 5 years ago. I was always active, but he wasn’t as much. His college diet had been like most college guys: pretty gross, and once we married, obviously I made a solid attempt at cooking us healthy meals =)

Aaron and some of his friends and co-workers did a cleanse, and many of them lost like 20 pounds! Aaron did the master cleanse and also lost a lot of weight.

So did it work?

Here are my thoughts,…

When you’re a man consuming only 400 calories a day (or however little it is), in liquid form, why are you shocked at dropping 10 or 20 pounds in a few weeks?! Is the amount of time spent in the bathroom, excreting all of that liquid worth it?

For Aaron, that cleanse was a huge jumpstart in getting him to start eating cleaner. He saw quick results from the get-go because the numbers on the scale went down, BUT a lot of it was water weight, sure maybe some fat, but also some muscle. In my opinion, those detoxes are more of a placebo- your mind believes in it, even if it’s not scientifically happening. And guess what, placebos can work! All in your head 😉

If you are eating clean a lot of the time- whole, real food that grows from the ground, that is the most natural, pure form for feeding your body. Why do you need to “cleanse” your body  if you are already “clean eating?”

Here’s a little WebMD:

“If your goal is to detox your system, don’t waste your time or money. Your body is an expert at getting rid of toxins no matter what you eat. Toxins don’t build up in your liverkidneys, or any other part of your body, and you’re not going to get rid of them with the latest detox wonder. Especially avoid diets that promise to detox your liver with supplements or “cleanse” whatever the diet determines needs washing out.”

So don’t risk getting dehydrated while putting yourself through unnecessary misery. Your body already knows how to take care of you.


Now, if you’re someone who struggles to get enough fruits and vegetables in your diet, and a green smoothie helps you reach your goals, then that’s great- go for it! Keep in mind though that a lot of fiber from fruits and vegetables is literally pulverized through juicing and while you ARE consuming healthy vitamins, you could also be taking in a LOT of calories from sugary fruits. That’s not so bueno..

Bottom line: If you’re looking to “detox,” try adding more fruits and vegetables, eat whole, clean foods, and cut back on highly processed,  high-fat, and sugary foods that your body can’t easily digest on its own.

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  1. Kimmy Wink
    February 10, 2015 at 10:53 am (3 years ago)

    I love this and completely agree!


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