Healthy kids starts with YOU

I’m an advocate of being a good example to your kids in all areas of life. What they see you say and do is what sticks with them for most of their lives! It’s difficult to undo bad habits and unhealthy lifestyles once they are ingrained into our children’s minds so we’ve got to always be on our A game!

I utilize and recommend safe and effective nutrition strategies and products for my whole family that has proven to be successful in having natural energy, providing essential nutrients, and maintaining a healthy body composition!

Here’s some scenarios and strategies to help get our kids healthy and stay that way!

  1. Got a kid that could use a little slim-down? (We address this carefully with emphasis on HEALTH, not weight!) Perhaps they could benefit from a super-healthy and nutrient-dense power smoothie for breakfast! High in protein, satiating, and contains essential vitamins for proper growth and function of our kids!


Is mindless snacking a problem? Most American kids are consuming WAY too much sugar and empty calories, and not enough fiber, vitamins and minerals. Try a portion-controlled snack with AMPLE nutritional benefits!! While these look like dessert, they are lower in sugar, high in fiber, contain a good amount of protein, and will curb that sweet tooth.



2. Does your kid need to GAIN weight?

We know how to beef up our smoothies with even more nutrition and healthy calories, and even more protein!


3. Do you have a child or teen participating in competitive sports?? When you’re investing in an athletic future for your kid, don’t neglect nutrition! All that hard work can be amplified if they’re consuming the right things for their growing bodies!kid-athletes-supreme-fitness-club-exercise-summer-training-350x245shutterstock104764637

Are they getting enough protein to grow necessary muscle?

Are they eating enough calories to support their energy levels?

Are they staying properly hydrated? Instead of typical sugary sports drinks, opt for one without all the added dyes and artificial sweeteners. {989F7AB3-4E54-440F-B7AF-722195D84CED}

Healthy, well-rounded snacks are going to be so helpful in providing the energy your kiddos need before, during, and after practices!

And be aware that all of these products/snacks contain NO artificial sweeteners or preservatives so your kids get optimal nutrition without the additives! (Most are also gluten-free, soy-free, and made of the highest grade organic protein)!26f2ecd9538b1ad28d4433db61fe4c63--protein-ball-protein-power17c3e71801c86ee0dc5be986a7a7728b

How are you going to help your kids grow and reach their full potential?! Not only physically will they be healthy, but they’ll be getting the right nutrition to be able to better focus in school and have less behavioral problems, when they’re not fed junk food all day. It’s a win for everyone!

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