Magnetic lashes!

Hey guys! This is out of my fitness realm for me, but hey! I like pretty things too =) Just keep in mind I am no beauty blogger, and this is an amateur unsponsored post, just totally my opinion based on my experience!

So have you heard of these amazing things called magnetic lashes?? I keep seeing ads all over social media, and I can be a sucker sometimes. I totally caved lol.

If you don’t know, here is how they work: There’s a top and bottom lash set that magnetically clip together over your regular top lash line. The tiny red dot lines up with the other magnetic strip so that they stay on, without the glue mess! It seemed like a really genius idea!

The ones I bought were from One Two Cosmetics, and were $69 (I thought, well hey thats much cheaper than extensions). The picture shown is the classic version, but I actually bought the bold. My natural lashes are actually decently long and thick, and dark especially when I put mascara on. So when fake lashes are too wispy, they either don’t show up, or they just look weird. Hence, the bold….
lashes-closeupI should also mention that I’ve had eyelash extensions various times from various people who have all done an amazing job! I like them but only for a short time, as the adhesive really bugs me in the shower, and I always am paranoid of rubbing my eyes, losing lashes, and wasting money. It’s such a time and money commitment to keep those up! And I’ve also bought strip glue-on lashes and seriously, I don’t know how people have time to do that everyday. I’ve used them like three times in 3 years, they just irritate me.boldSo! Here’s the scoop. The day I got them (they send you two pairs), I immediately wanted to try them on. If you can’t tell from the above picture, the lashes are only half-length, made to sit on the outer half of your eyes. Which is kind of strange… Personally, the way my eyes and lashes are shaped, it kinda works for me… I mean I think. I’m still uncertain if they just look super obvious and fake and weird. I read reviews with people with different eye shapes and they said it was a disaster.

So today I tried em out again and it took me SEVEN tries to get them on right. Like seriously 10 minutes which is frustrating and defeats the purpose. The packaging warns that you might need to practice a bit before it’s a quick, easy thing. We shall see…

So, once I got them on, here’s the pictures. You’re supposed to put mascara on the inner half to blend it and make it more natural looking, which I did (no mascara on the magnetic lashes though). It is SO HARD to get them close to the lash line!! Lining them up right, clicking them together, in just the right spot is nearly impossible, at least so far. I finally gave up and called it good enough how they were.

unnamed-2 unnamed-1

I finished getting ready, and thought, Okay I’ll just try these out for a full day and see if they bug, if they stay on, or if I feel self-conscious. I tested them out at Walmart lol.

I am really self-conscious about fake-looking things which is actually kinda silly. You’re not fooling anyone when you’ve got any type of fake lashes on lol. I’ve bought a few sets of hair extensions back when I cut my hair short then regretted it. I wore them like TWICE because I felt it was too obvious they were fake (they don’t blend with my super thick hair). Nothing against them at all! I just feel didn’t like it for me. You see, I like some embellishments, but as natural-looking as possible =)

unnamed-3The verdict: uncertain. I know that’s lame, but I think I’ll really decide if I can snap these lashes on almost everyday and that it simplifies my life and makes me feel a little prettier. If it comes easier and quicker, and I can figure them out a little better, then great! My first reaction was, this is ridiculous, and there’s no way I’m keeping these. But as the day has gone on, I hardly notice them and I wore minimal makeup but still felt put-together, which is nice. They’re growing on me…

I do like that the lashes are supposed to last you a long time. Like dozens of uses. Maybe up to a year. That’s a pretty good investment, as I probably pay $70 a year in mascara ya know? And some people say they even swim in them! You just slide them against each other to remove them, and that’s pretty sweet. No peeling glue off your eyelid or dealing with some reaction.

So, have you tried out the magnetic lash trend?? I know there’s other brands, so I’d love to hear if they’re all really similar. I also wonder if the pictures I posted even show enough of what they look like. In person, they’re probably even more obviously fake, and wonky lol. Maybe one of my good friends will call me out and tell me they look ridiculous (please tell me haha!)

Peace out, babes!

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  1. Catherine
    July 25, 2017 at 6:02 pm (2 months ago)

    For the record, strip lashes get MUCH easier the more you practice. I’m guessing it’s the same with these? I’m curious to see how they hold up the more you wear them. Great review, thanks Steph! :)


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