Quit acting your age!

I’m turning 33 this year. I’m not worried about the number one bit, HOWEVER, there are things I know I need to take care of better. I have many friends already getting Botox, lip injections, face lifts…. I won’t comment one way or the other on that… I also want to stay looking young and have good skin too! I notice more sunspots and under eye circles, and just dull skin, so I’m motivated to start doing what I can to look a little more vivacious 😉 but in a more natural and preventative way. I want to FEEL the way I LOOK and vice versa.

The pursuit of youthfulness and vitality is not going away. And besides the obvious surface treatments, I do believe people want do feel good and healthy deep down, on the inside! I know that even genetic predisposition for certain things will not stop me from taking preventative precautions!

Have you heard of telomeres?? I actually did a little research, and now I’m very intrigued! Might I educate for a sec?

Telomeres are the protective nucleic acid and protein caps on the ends of chromosomes and are a key to healthy aging. Because telomeres help maintain stability of our DNA, they are critical in controlling cellular aging and death.


As our chromosomes shorten, that’s where aging occurs and accelerates. So how do we prevent that?? Here’s a few tips:

  1. boost healthy fat intake including omega-3 fatty acids
  2. get adequate antioxidants and nutrients to combat oxidative stress (such as beta-carotene, folic acid, magnesium, and vitamins A, E, and C).
  3. limit alcohol use (be sensible and moderate)
  4. limit junk food (processed meats and sugary soda are some of the biggest culprits).

I sometimes feel a little overwhelmed and stressed about getting everything into my diet that will serve the purposes for my body to function optimally, including anti-aging! So I supplement where needed. In my multivitamins, a major antioxidant enzyme called catalase helps to remove excessive toxicity which damages telomeres!

I believe prevention is the key in EVERY aspect of health within the body! It is so hard to reverse the damage, and no one wants to live off medications for things they had control over previously. I want to feel alive and amazing for as long as I possibly can! And maybe when I turn 80 I can look as amazing as our bodybuilder babe Ernestine here =)


If you need guidance on vitamins, or are interested in more telomere research, I’m happy to assist!


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