Greetings Fit Friends!!

The time has come for another Health Challenge!! My friend Stephanie M and I are heading this one up to encourage and motivate ALL of us to achieve our goals over the next 60 days!17361823_10103294903873199_2223010693887355627_n

The challenge starts Saturday, April 1st, and you must be registered by the Thursday night before to be able to participate!!

The challenge is open to ANYONE and EVERYONE so invite your friends!! The cost is $30 for everyone, BUT if you are currently or plan on purchasing an Isagenix nutrition pak*, which is likely to give you an edge, the cost will be waived =) We will address Isagenix products here and there but it is not a requirement to participate. We want you to be successful no matter what method you use!

The challenge will address all the components of fitness, and we will discuss/post about workouts, tips, recipes, mindset and goal-setting practices, etc. There will be PRIZES for both the highest points winner, and the best transformation!! This isn’t solely a “weight loss” challenge but it will revolve around what YOU want to most work on individually.

A point tally sheet will be posted for you to download, and participation in the Facebook group will be extremely helpful as we want support from each other!

IMPORTANT!! There will be a very informative Zoom call next week!!! If you’re not familiar with Zoom, it is a free app you can download on your phone or PC, and allows for group video conferences. It’s a fun way for us to all see each other, interact, and for me and Steph M to share more information about how the challenge will run. It will only be about about 30 minutes, (date and time TBD) but PLEASE make an effort to be on the call! I will post more how-to instructions soon.

*Those using Isagenix: You must have ordered in the past 30 days to waive the challenge cost. Those not yet using but who are interested, please watch this video, and we can chat further!  Today is the Day! And again, you do not have to use Isagenix at all, but it is encouraged!

I’m super excited for everyone to smash their goals, and work on their health from the INSIDE out!!!!healthy-outside-e1432239503539

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