Breaking your bad HABITS

You know what keeps us from achieving our goals? The fact that we haven’t developed the right habits! Or we allow our “bad” habits to make our decisions for us- keeping us from progressing. change-habits

If you can’t stick to a healthy nutrition plan, is it because you’re in the habit of emotionally eating? Or in the habit or ordering takeout several times a week?

Are you impatient with your kids or spouse or struggle to not be critical of others?

Are you feeling complacent in your job and not getting what you want out of life? Maybe it’s time to evaluate what’s in YOUR power to change!

Personality traits contribute to our bad habits BUT “habits” are learned in either direction, even emotional ones. Unconsciously, you’ve taught your body to react, behave, and live a certain way, and that CAN be reversed! You learned it, you can un-learn it.

Now, I learned a LOT from a certain podcast this morning that I listen to during my workout. I’m summarizing a lot of what I’ve been hearing because I clearly see how beneficial it is to you and me! (Episode 70: The key to locking in a habit with Geoff Woods. I love Lori Harder!)


It is often believed that a true habit takes 28-30 days to form. More recently I’ve heard that 66 days is more accurate for a true habit to form- when you no longer have to utilize mental effort to perform it- it comes automatically.

Here’s part of the problem however- we have SO MUCH going on that we’re unable to focus on just one thing. If I asked you, what would you like to improve about your life- you’d come up a jillion overwhelming things! And if you’re trying to “fix” all those at once, how effective are you going to be? Not very…240_f_49309089_1xzwcketnpuj9zln3qq6lihx6cwuvndm

Geoff Woods, from this podcast, makes some very good points. If you could pick one sole quality, or habit to work on, and worked on it for 66 days, it WILL become easy, and your norm. You might have “off” days but that’s beside the point. Keep going. Once you’ve mastered that, choose a new one. If you kept going like that, you will have FIVE new, improved, major habits over the course of a year! When’s the last time you’ve made 5 life-changing improvements, let alone in just a year??

And these awesome new habits compound on each other!

Here’s an example… Are you not in a good habit of exercising? Always seem to fall off the wagon, then quit exercising for weeks at a time, then have to start all over again? Why don’t you set a goal, that for 66 days, you will MAKE the time, schedule it in, and let go of excuses. Prepare for setbacks as they will indeed come, but know that you CAN and WILL get up earlier, or do whatever it takes. Then it just becomes your life. You are a fit, active person-Congratulations!! =)

Now let’s say that you also had a goal to perform better at work. Frequent exercise gives you energy and endorphins, you perform better and have a more optimistic mood. Your good habits SNOWBALL and actually assist with your future habit-forming! And next thing you know- maybe you’re getting that promotion at work! Oh, and hey maybe all that exercise is helping you lose weight which was another goal of yours. Compounding habits!habits-over-goals1Successful people in life are not successful because they are geniuses or have a superhuman work ethic, or are lucky. Sure all those can play a part, but I guarantee that their good habits are what helps them progress and improve.

I want to extend a challenge- that you choose ONE area of your life that you know needs improvement. Don’t think about anything else. Write it down, your “WHY” to achieve it- all the reasons you want a change. Make a plan on how to get there, and post it where you’ll see it! Too often we set a goal, then never think about it again. It needs to be VISUAL and on your mind often. See yourself in 66 days as a new and improved YOU, and go get after it!!



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  1. paula Krisle
    March 16, 2017 at 2:33 pm (6 months ago)

    Hi Steph! Habits are a tricky thing. They can be so empowering but also so hard to start or stop. I’ve been reading/thinking a lot on habits recently and a friend recommended the book Better than Before by Gretchin Rubin. It’s an interesting read because she talks about how different habits work for different personalities and why. It’s been helpful for me to consciously recognize which things work for me and put that into practice. It’s also been enlightening in regards to learning how to help other people whose personalities can be so different from our own way of thinking.


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