Six packs and cellulite

I feel like there’s been a trend going on in the realm of women’s fitness regarding #selflove and #bodylove and happiness with whatever shape you’re in. Not to just jump onto that bandwagon because I don’t want to overdo what’s already been done but I have to give my two cents. 8e193967697a65342cfc51908c5304ad Your world does not magically get happy and perfect and amazing once you hit your goal weight or get leaner or master perfect eating. You’ll never reach perfection so quit yearning for it. Quit relying on that false hope of having all your body issues solved once you attain the unattainable.

I speak from experience. I’ve been lean, I’ve been little and ripped (four distinct times actually). In the midst of it, I didn’t really realize it- I tend to focus on what was still lacking. I wasn’t ‘happier.’ My best, most confident feelings came from when I accomplished something I worked hard towards.

(I feel all of those emotions- good and bad- looking back on my best competition stage pics).20140816_Bik_Pre_667-3476807231-O

As a society, we’re focused more than ever on being small and lean and in-shape. I have FOUR social media outlets in which I output information on having a better butt, making healthier food choices, and losing fat. Health IS important to me, as is looking good, but at the end of the day, our self-worth should NOT be centered around our physical appearance.

I did a photo shoot just before my latest bodybuilding show. This is an unedited photo that I wasn’t supposed to snapshoot or share (oops I’m doing both haha). My angle and posing shows off a killer six pack… but I realized too that that position also shows my cellulite! Abs are cool, cellulite is cool… at “stage ready” I had both and it is what it is. Everybody’s got flaws =) Had I seen this shot right before my show, I would have been so annoyed and anxious to get that extra fat OFF. Right now I don’t care one bit. That’s my trouble area, I’ll always work on it but I know it doesn’t define me and make my body less awesome 😉FullSizeRender

I came across this blog post and it is perfect if you’re struggling with body image issues and pressure to look perfect. Read it if you’ve got a minute.

There’s a reason I’ve been pushing “more moderation” and less strictness with a diet and fitness approach. It’s longer lasting, and honestly, we just need to live our lives! Be healthy, make better choices consistently {however small} and be content and grateful for the amazing things your body does for you!COfN6n5UwAA2bcy

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