Competition recap

Another bodybuilding competition down the hatch, my 4th one actually. I’ve done figure, bikini, and now fitness categories. Fitness is the only division where you have to perform. All the others you’re judged solely on your physique, and I wanted to utilize my gymnastics and cheerleading background for my routine.

You still do have to do a posing round, in a two-piece swimsuit, and that is 1/3 of your score, while the routine is 2/3. Fitness is very uncommon and in the middle of prep, when I was feeling really exhausted, frustrated, and could totally understand why it’s not more popular. It’s HARD. Very time-consuming.


Results: I didn’t do amazing. There were only TWO of us doing fitness, and the other girl won. I knew she would, because her routine was amazing! She deserved to win and I am happy for her. I got feedback from both my coach and a few judges that I found really helpful. (I’ll address that later).

The morning pre-judge is where your score really counts, your place is determined. My theme was Star Wars because I’m cool like that haha. My white costume looked AWESOME on stage (as I hoped it would) BUT after I started sweating, my tan started running, then leaked through!! Brown boob sweat is NOT the look I was going for lol. I had to run home in between, wash it and dry it, then try not to sweat during the night show. And if you didn’t already know- you can not wear deodorant for two days while you have that competition tan on!IMG_2556

I was bummed I did not perform my routine better. Almost the whole prep, it was SO hard to even practice because I was eating so little, and working out so much. The game plan going forward is to START the next prep already pretty lean so that I don’t have to spend so much time doing cardio to get leaner. It will save SOOOO much time and energy!

had my bikini made from scratch by Bonnie, a local girl who does an amazing job with suits. I love LOVED the red, and the pattern was just so pretty. We have to pose in fitness, just like the figure girls, and wear the same style of suit.



The top 5 placings of any division qualify for nationals, so that would mean both of us did qualify. There are 4 national shows a year, so you can pick any or all to compete at, to try to win your pro card. I know I do want to compete on the national level, in fitness, it’s just a matter of when.

I have a lot of thoughts and emotions now that the show is done. I actually wrote down some really negative things a few weeks ago, where I felt so worn thin, and was not enjoying my prep at all. I told my husband competing is kind of like having a baby. You forget all the pain you went through and then you decide to do it again =) I’m always glad about the things I learn through competitions, and that’s why I always go back.

I actually got through that prep, and it was my hardest EVER. My husband was gone, I was trying unsuccessfully to be a good mom, my energy was zapped and I had so much on my plate. I actually was so stressed that I didn’t sleep well, and 2 hours working out a day- heaven knows I needed that sleep! But I did it, and I loved the experience. Performing a routine was so much more FUN than simply posing on a stage… and it’s spectators favorite part too =)

I have really amazing people in my corner who helped me get through those 16 weeks. It literally takes a village to pull all this together! Friends and neighbors and family who helped me with my kids, and all the people who contribute to my actual show day. THANK YOU all for your support and love and nice comments. XOXO


To be continued…

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  1. Yvette
    June 9, 2016 at 9:05 pm (1 year ago)

    You are amazing!


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