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I wanted to recap a few things that have been on my mind since we did the February “Love your body” challenge, and also announce our winner!


Julie Weaver scored the high of 92 points! Not only did she kill it, but she’s pregnant! It’s pretty tough to commit to eating healthier, avoiding sugar, and still get workouts in when you’re tired and stressed, and carrying a baby! She said she was able to keep stress eating to a minimum because she had goals to work towards. And she mentioned on the FB page that she is grateful for a healthy body that is able to grow and nourish a human! So awesome indeed! Super proud of you Julie! Prize this round (based on participation) was $30, so I’m sending that off today, Congrats Julie! And here’s a trophy of a female bodybuilder. Totally accurate and not silly at all….9ddbf3e92adb99bc2b0a3e0d2f3e28c8

Final thoughts:

Please accept and love the body you have in its current state enough to want to keep it healthy. Learn what it FEELS to be stronger, fully hydrated, and fueled with a variety of healthy foods. Learn to love the feeling of working up a sweat, being sore after a tough workout and committing to consistent weekly workouts. — all regardless of what your body actually looks like. The aesthetics will follow.
We all have body issues at times, and insecurities. My 12- week program was photographed at a time that I was not super lean, competition ready or even photo shoot ready! I admit to feeling a little self-conscious because I wasn’t ripped. A friend made an awesome comment though that it was refreshing to see someone “normal” in the photos- someone relatable and not so intimidating- because most clients will not compete or attain that level of leanness. They just want to look good and feel fit! That WAS and IS my everyday body. Eating not to lose weight but just to feel good and have energy to do what I do!Wood ChopsI work out because I LIKE it, not because I’m trying to burn off calories or punish myself for bad things I’ve eaten. I like the way I FEEL during and after a great workout and its important for me to take that time for ME. I don’t struggle with depression, I don’t have injuries or ailments. Maybe I’m just lucky, but I strongly believe that a healthy, active lifestyle helps me live a high quality life!

Thigh gap? Never been on my radar.. Being a size 0? For what? Just to tell people? Because otherwise they’d have no idea…
True health is attractive. It shows in your face. It proves itself when you can play with your kids or walk your dog without being winded or run a 5k on a whim with your friends.
It all starts with a love and desire for something better for yourself. You need it, you deserve it, you are capable of it.

On another note, I saw this post on Facebook and thought it was appropriate to re-share here! Bri is a beautiful girl I grew up with, who became a photographer, specializing in boudoir. I’ve never done anything like that but I respect when things are tastefully done and I especially LOVE the message behind her post. As a mom, she struggles with some things a lot of us do too, but she can still find beauty and confidence in her body! (She’s a stunner regardless!) Here’s the link, please check it out here! (She’s located in central Washington for anyone interested).12795156_1689844957938976_4365901011512064731_oThanks to everyone who participated in the challenge! Until next time… Keep up your hard work!!

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