Best protein bars roundup!

I thought this would be fun to put together my list of favorite protein bars and the benefits of each. A real meal, made of real whole foods is always ideal but when we need a snack on the go, or can’t plan ahead very well, these are better than nothing- or choosing something crappy for you.

Some are healthier/cleaner than others, but most important for me is macronutrient breakdown. Meaning high protein, high fiber, low fat. There are lots of “protein bars” that are a bunch of sugar and crap, plus a few grams of protein injected in, and that hardly qualifies. I tend to look for protein bars around 200 calories or less.

Quest bars have kind of been considered king, since they are sweetened with stevia (most of them anyway), have high protein, high fiber and taste amazing… but it was only a matter of time before other companies started catching on and revamping their formulas.

There are so many out there, including a new Atkins protein bar that I’m kinda curious about but here’s some I’ve tried lately:

  1. Quest bars: great macros, I love almost every flavor, help you hit your fiber goals.
  2. Combat Crunch: these are brand new by Muscle Pharm. The birthday cake is SO GOOD. Delicious, if you find one, you must try it! Strangely it tastes like fruity pebbles šŸ˜‰
  3. G2G: I admit I actually haven’t tried these because they contain honey (which I hate). But everyone I know raves about them! They are pretty high calorie, that is the downside. I believe they need to be kept refrigerated.
  4. Power Crunch: I love these because they’re made of wafers- like those peanut butter wafer cookies (yummy!) They are higher fat and low carb. Have a little of waxy taste to them, which doesn’t bother me really- but just FYI.
  5. B-up protein bar: One of my new favorites. One of the owners of Quest branched out to form these bars, so they have almost identical macros, but they have a really soft texture. (The cinnamon roll has only 4 g of fat, which is great because my fats are lower than I’d like right now).
  6. Oh Yeah One: this brand used to suck but the new “One” versions are quite good! Cookie dough is always a win.
  7. No Cow Bar: Bought these on a whim- all natural, vegan, I almost expected a Lara bar- taste, which I don’t like, but these were really good! Probably THE best nutritionally on this whole list.
  8. Life Choice protein bar: Randomly I found these at Walmart in the granola bar/pop-tart section. Legit high protein (16g) and they taste good! Probably not the cleanest ingredients, but they’re also probably the most affordable.
  9. BodyKey Nutrilite protein bars: A recent find through Amway. Chocolate coconut is one of my favorite combos! On the lower protein range, and contain soy, but still really good!

protein bar pics.001

Lots of these are found online via: Amazon, Vitacost,, or search the websites directly. Like I said, Walmart carries some of these, or your local nutrition and supplement shops, as well as higher end grocery =) The Amway ones I can order if anyone’s interested.

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