Swimsuit season= start NOW!

643927_642935942399127_1378802051_nThey say summer swimsuit bodies are built in the winter. I’d say they’re built year-round and can be maintained year-round! =) BUT if you’ve got a vacation coming up or just want to feel a little more lean and “toned,” by the time summer is here, don’t delay!


My custom personal training slots are currently all maxed out until after April, BUT my 12-week total body program is always available! And 12 weeks puts you RIGHT about the time the pools open =)

Rememer that my 12-week program:

  • Outlines, with pictures, every workout for every day for 12 weeks, including weights and cardio. Workouts progress in difficulty over 3 month-long phases.
  • Is perfect for at-home or the gym
  • Requires minimal equipment but is very effective!
  • Comes with a sample meal plan to keep your diet in check!

Here’s some of my amazing clients’ “before-and-afters,” on various programs with me =) You choose the plan and commit, and YOU determine your results!! These awesome people are killing it!unnamed-16unnamed-6 unnamed-7unnamed-9 unnamed-8

Email me if you’re ready to get serious about your health and fitness goals! stephcrandallfit@gmail.com

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