I’ve debated about this for SO long, and this is a common pattern for me. I think about competing, then chicken out, then get excited again, then intimidated. You have to be mentally ready to commit to everything competing involves, and I think I am finally there. I better be, because I just hired my coach =)

I thought it would be fun to periodically post some of my progress and journey through the next 16 weeks of my contest prep. To be honest, I think I enjoy the process more than actually being on stage. I don’t love being the center of attention, but I love the daily grind and the drive to push myself further.

This competition is different for me. I did figure back in 2012, and bikini twice in 2014. This time I’m doing fitness category. It seems very few people know what this is all about, so I’ll explain…

Fitness is the only category where you actually have to demonstrate fitnessyou perform. You create a routine, set to music and demonstrate strength moves, flexibility, and fun energy. My cheerleading and gymnastics background hopefully comes in handy =) Part of your score is your routine, and the other part is the physique round, in a suit, to show muscularity, symmetry, and leanness.

I remember YEARS ago, I saw fitness competitors on TV and I loved it. I always, in the back of my head, wanted to do this category. Oksana Grishina is kind of my hero.. former Olympic gymnast, turned fitness pro and she is AMAZING. Unreal. #goals

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Here’s a routine of one of the top fitness competitors in the world, Bethany Cisternino on YouTube if you wanna check out what the routines are like =)

When I last competed, I felt “over it” and didn’t want to obsess about how my body looked, as much as what my body can DO. Bodybuilding is obviously all aesthetic- based. I’ll still have to get incredibly lean, and dial my physique in right, but I’m most excited to work on new strength moves, pull out old gymnastics tricks and dance moves, and to just have fun with it all!


Another difference with this competition is that I’m doing flexible dieting. So no strict meal plans for me, but I will have to nail my macronutrient requirements everyday, so it will still demand a lot of discipline and planning. I’m super excited to just try everything new. While I loved my previous coach, I’m trying someone new (Team Heugly), who has a few more resources and experience with the fitness division. I’m still waiting on my plan, but I’m excited to get started, and update once in a while with personal progress posts.

Stay tuned =)

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