March 2017 archive


Quit acting your age!

I’m turning 33 this year. I’m not worried about the number one bit, HOWEVER, there are things I know I need to take care of better. I have many friends already getting Botox, lip injections, face lifts…. I won’t comment one way or the other on that… I also want to stay looking young and have good […] Read more…



Greetings Fit Friends!! The time has come for another Health Challenge!! My friend Stephanie M and I are heading this one up to encourage and motivate ALL of us to achieve our goals over the next 60 days! The challenge starts Saturday, April 1st, and you must be registered by the Thursday night before to be able […] Read more…



I think we can all agree on one thing- Reeses eggs are the shiz. Of course, I had to reinvent them as a healthy version-(inspired by local friend Trish Allen). Yep they still have lots of calories, and I won’t judge if you eat the whole batch. They do have slightly better macros, more nutrients, […] Read more…