February 2017 archive


Healthy carrot cake

Is anyone else a big carrot cake fan?? It’s one of my favorites… with walnuts and cream cheese frosting, pineapple, BUT hold the raisins. Blehhhh. I tweaked a recipe from this source, and I really loved the outcome!! Carrot cake ingredients: 1 cup whole wheat pastry flour 2/3 cup (2 level scoops) protein powder… I used IsaLean […] Read more…


FOOD FREEDOM: quitting macros

I’ve addressed this a bit, but I haven’t updated my stance in a little while! I’ve been focusing on other things, but health and fitness is always a priority! I have lots of previous posts about flexible dieting and macros. I LOVED having flexibility and choosing what I ate while I was in competition prep […] Read more…