December 2015 archive

Wood Chops

Resolution ramblings

The new year is almost upon us! Did you accomplish what you set out to in 2015? I couldn’t even find any written resolutions of my own, which is a pretty bad sign. What exactly did I do all year?! This time last year, I had come out of a short competing season, and welcomed […] Read more…


Cut the anxiety out of weight loss

I recently listened to a podcast about a less-stress approach to losing fat, and I could resonate with a lot of it. Sometimes tracking macros and calories can be overwhelming and tedious. Sometimes the more you research and learn about nutrition, the more daunting it seems to adhere to a strict, healthy regimen. Basically, if […] Read more…


25 days of Christmas!

Hello my lovelies.. It’s been a little while. We don’t want to add STRESS to the already busy holiday season, but we also don’t want to blow our healthy goals out the window, right?  I’m initiating a December healthy challenge, starting TODAY! It’s completely free and on your own accountability, BUT I think it will […] Read more…