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Healthy food favorites

I follow a lot of clean-eaters, who post tasty recipes that I’m always trying out. I rarely come up with something entire delicious on my own ūüėČ That being said, though, I’m often asked what some of my favorite food supplements are- those things that make food¬†taste better when you’re trying to eat healthy and¬†lower […] Read more…


whole wheat rosemary bread

It would seem these days, that everyone is afraid of carbs. And bread, and wheat. Fear not, my friends, there is a time and a place for everything!! This is seriously one of my favorite bread recipes- and it’s supposed to be similar to the bread from Macaroni Grill. Me and my sister Valerie have […] Read more…


Should I detox?

Juicing is SO hot right now. So hot. Ok,¬†honestly there’s always something new and trendy to excite people about weight loss. Several people have asked me if I think it’s a good idea, because they’re¬†already planning on doing a cleanse before they start a diet and exercise program.. I feel like my body runs pretty […] Read more…