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Summer challenge Winners!

Congratulations to those who participated in the summer 6-week challenge! We had a much smaller group this time around- which is okay. From the feedback, it sounds like this challenge was a little more “challenge-ing” because it’s summer: there’s lots of holidays and vacations and FOOD, and reasons to be inconsistent. But once¬†you’ve got a […] Read more…



Favorite thing I’ve heard all week: Me and my husband left the gym, and I asked how his workout was, and he said “It was good, but I had really wanted to do squats… but a group of girls had taken over the squat rack.” HELL YES. I mean, sorry, babe. BUT I can’t help […] Read more…


Booty Work

I like big butts and I can not lie. If there’s one thing I learned from bikini competitions, it’s that soft, saggy, or flat butts do not fare well. Good thing I know how to fix that ūüėČ Just a little lesson on glutes: Booties are made up of 3 parts: gluteus maximum, minimum, and […] Read more…


hakuna tabata

Quite some time ago, I was introduced by my cousin to a HIIT style of training called Tabata. I had heard of it and had a general sense of what it was, but I had never personally tried it! Kara told me showed me how it was done and put me to work, and I […] Read more…


bringing sexy BACK

I feel like this is not news to anyone- that strength training has zillions of benefits to you health and physique. Health-wise, it can be narrowed down to these points: 1. You get stronger and faster and more fit. 2. You prevent injury by having strong muscles, and ligaments. 3. Metabolically, your body will be […] Read more…


go go cardio

I’m often asked about cardio- how much to do, what type to do, etc. There’s a lot of variables. 1. What is your goal? To¬†have cardiovascular health? Lose weight? Gain muscle? Maybe all of the above? Often,¬†women jump right to a cardio machine when they start working out- it’s a no brainer that¬†when you burn […] Read more…

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