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Why you’re not gaining muscle

There are a number of factors that contribute to muscle gain. As women, the process is a lot harder and slower than for men, but definitely not impossible. One reason is that you may not be eating enough. Another really big reason, and the focus of this post, is because you are not practicing progressive […] Read more…


muscle myths

Ever since my husband and I have made noticeable progress with our healthy lifestyle, we get asked lots of questions. We also give out lots of advice. We don’t know it all, but we’ve learned plenty along the way. There’s always some misunderstandings that baffle us. Not to poke fun by any means, because anyone […] Read more…


Post-pregnancy abs

I’ve addressed this a little before, but I’ve gotten a few questions lately on this topic, and while I am NOT the expert, I’m wiling to share what I do know, and have researched more of. I don’t know that there is a solid answer, as many “experts” have differing opinions. As for me, my […] Read more…


Heart of a champion

I dunno if this surprises anyone but I am not a runner! So for those who do race long-distance, I am always amazed and inspired at that kind of athleticism. A few weeks ago, I was especially intrigued by my friend Nichole, and her amazing story towards chasing her goal to qualify for the Boston […] Read more…


Fitness: Find what you love

How strong is your willpower? What happens when it fails you? I’ve been reading a really awesome book lately on nutrition and psychology. That stuff totally intrigues me and I think it beneficial to always be learning within my field of health and fitness. So that I can pass my findings along to you! In fitness, […] Read more…


Six pack-Part 2

Hey there. I’m continuing from this post about obtaining a six-pack if you missed it. So what exactly does it take to get taut, toned abs? Is it genetics? Diet? 1000 crunches a day? (Because didn’t we all attempt that at one point lol) For Aaron, he did not obtain a lean set of abs until he […] Read more…

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