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Swimsuit season= start NOW!

They say summer swimsuit bodies are built in the winter. I’d say they’re built year-round and can be maintained year-round! =) BUT if you’ve got a vacation coming up or just want to feel a little more lean and “toned,” by the time summer is here, don’t delay! My custom personal training slots are currently […] Read more…



I’ve debated about this for SO long, and this is a common pattern for me. I think about competing, then chicken out, then get excited again, then intimidated. You have to be mentally ready to commit to everything competing involves, and I think I am finally there. I better be, because I just hired my […] Read more…


Finding a Coach

Most people who compete already know this, but a personal trainer vs. competition prep coach are 2 different things. I got my degree in exercise science and went on and got CPT certified, but I would not feel comfortable nor qualified to get someone ready for a show. There’s a lot of nutrition tweaking especially […] Read more…