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Cleaned up Sloppy Joes!

When I find a recipe that’s clean and healthy, and my whole family will eat it and love it, and I don’t have to make 19 dinners, (yet still hear whining), it’s like the healthy food gods are smiling down on me for I’ve hit the FOOD JACKPOT. Behold: Sloppy Joes “I made em extra sloppy […] Read more…


Thai peanut lettuce wraps

Thai food is one of my FAVORITES! But with all the peanut butter-y stuff and coconut curries, AND rice, it’s usually very calorically dense =( Boo. So make your own healthy version! I made this in 5 minutes, literally. I just happened to have all these things on hand though and it’s not even a […] Read more…


30 second protein brownie

If you don’t know about this yet, you should… The belt sander brownie/molten lava cake/protein brownie/mug cake Whatever you wanna call it… My husband doesn’t think it’s anything amazing, but I do, and I have it just about everyday. You can drink a protein shake, oooooor you can have a brownie. Your choice….   Directions: […] Read more…


whole wheat rosemary bread

It would seem these days, that everyone is afraid of carbs. And bread, and wheat. Fear not, my friends, there is a time and a place for everything!! This is seriously one of my favorite bread recipes- and it’s supposed to be similar to the bread from Macaroni Grill. Me and my sister Valerie have […] Read more…


game day meatballs!

While on the subject of healthy Super Bowl snacks, I remembered a BBQ meatball recipe posted by my friend and fellow bikini competitor Trish @spoonsandbells on Instagram-check her out for delicious, healthy recipes, she is awesome!  =) So this is what I’ll be making for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I just made a batch and […] Read more…

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