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PUMPKIN APPLE SPICE CAKE Is this too premature? I mean, it’s barely September 1st…. BUT I think pumpkin anything year-round is perfectly acceptable! This is one of my favorite healthy desserts, created by my former bodybuilding coach, Robyn. It’s a pretty clean, guilt-free treat but still quite decadent! Let me know if you try it […] Read more…


game day meatballs!

While on the subject of healthy Super Bowl snacks, I remembered a BBQ meatball recipe posted by my friend and fellow bikini competitor Trish @spoonsandbells on Instagram-check her out for delicious, healthy recipes, she is awesome!  =) So this is what I’ll be making for the Super Bowl tomorrow. I just made a batch and […] Read more…


Surviving the Super Bowl

Whatever team you’re rooting for, don’t be a loser on your diet! This weekend will be crazy at the grocery stores, just plan on it, but don’t make that an excuse to mindfully throw all the junk you can find into your cart! Here’s my picks for easy, pre-made snacks that still maintain some nutritional […] Read more…