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Wood Chops

Resolution ramblings

The new year is almost upon us! Did you accomplish what you set out to in 2015? I couldn’t even find any written resolutions of my own, which is a pretty bad sign. What exactly did I do all year?! This time last year, I had come out of a short competing season, and welcomed […] Read more…


Cut the anxiety out of weight loss

I recently listened to a podcast about a less-stress approach to losing fat, and I could resonate with a lot of it. Sometimes tracking macros and calories can be overwhelming and tedious. Sometimes the more you research and learn about nutrition, the more daunting it seems to adhere to a strict, healthy regimen. Basically, if […] Read more…


25 days of Christmas!

Hello my lovelies.. It’s been a little while. We don’t want to add STRESS to the already busy holiday season, but we also don’t want to blow our healthy goals out the window, right?¬† I’m initiating a December healthy challenge, starting TODAY! It’s completely free and on your own accountability, BUT I think it will […] Read more…


you can if you want to!

I was inspired this past week from someone I follow on Instagram- not a fitness person, but a stylist: Becki from Whippy Cake. She was talking¬†about a need to get up early and get things done, such as working out- although she is anything but a morning person. Isn’t she so cute though? ‘I recently […] Read more…


Figuring out your macros

As a lot of you know, I’ve been heavily leaning towards “IIFYM: If It Fits Your Macros.” AKA flexible dieting as a reasonable, sustainable weight loss method. I’ve posted lots about it already from these posts if you missed them. I’ve had a few questions regarding calculating macros, especially carbs. I’m still learning and experimenting […] Read more…


Why you’re not gaining muscle

There are a number of factors that contribute to muscle gain. As women, the process is a lot harder and slower than for men, but definitely not impossible. One reason is that you may not be eating enough. Another really big reason, and the focus of this post, is because you are not practicing progressive […] Read more…

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