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All I do is WIN

The 6-week challenge winner has been chosen! You guys- this was amazing. I’ve been so happy and impressed- and proud! to see the responses and progress of those who participated. (We had about 37 total). I know a few fizzled out but all in all, I think most people became more AWARE of their health […] Read more…


bringing sexy BACK

I feel like this is not news to anyone- that strength training has zillions of benefits to you health and physique. Health-wise, it can be narrowed down to these points: 1. You get stronger and faster and more fit. 2. You prevent injury by having strong muscles, and ligaments. 3. Metabolically, your body will be […] Read more…


Guest Post: IIFYM Part 2

K guys, in my research of IIFYM (If it fits your macros), I’m piggy-backing off this previous post, and this is mostly centered around competing but I think it can be helpful to anyone who’s struggled with disordered eating, bingeing or looking for balance in nutrition. I asked my competitor friend Cori to share her experience, […] Read more…


mental toughness

I’ve been thinking for some time about why some people are able to lose weight and maintain it, and why others keep failing again and again. There might be various factors. Do they not have sufficient education on proper diet and exercise? How much do genetics play a role? Are hormones off? I think those factors can […] Read more…


new blog, new year, new me, new you

I LOVE the holidays and all the treats and goodies that accompany them. But a part of me craves and welcomes that regular routine, in my typically healthy lifestyle. For a lot of people, however, finding the motivation isn’t that simple. It takes grit, self-discipline, and a reality check to not just set New Year’s […] Read more…



Alrighty this is long… Aaron flew with me to Miami, along with my coach Robyn and her boyfriend Lyman. Weather in Miami was not great, with most days rainy or at least overcast- we didn’t even go to the beach! But at least the temperature was a lot more pleasant than Utah. During the trip, I […] Read more…

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