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Competition recap

Another bodybuilding competition down the hatch, my 4th one actually. I’ve done figure, bikini, and now fitness categories. Fitness is the only division where you have to perform. All the others you’re judged solely on your physique, and I wanted to utilize my gymnastics and cheerleading background for my routine. You still do have to do […] Read more…


when the going gets tough

This is as real as it gets kids. I absolutely wanted to give up on my competing goal this week. Negativity and doubt crept in, I’m tired, hangry, and wondered why in the WORLD I’m putting myself through this again. It’s my 4th competition prep- I should know what to expect and how to handle […] Read more…



I’ve debated about this for SO long, and this is a common pattern for me. I think about competing, then chicken out, then get excited again, then intimidated. You have to be mentally ready to commit to everything competing involves, and I think I am finally there. I better be, because I just hired my […] Read more…


Booty Work

I like big butts and I can not lie. If there’s one thing I learned from bikini competitions, it’s that soft, saggy, or flat butts do not fare well. Good thing I know how to fix that 😉 Just a little lesson on glutes: Booties are made up of 3 parts: gluteus maximum, minimum, and […] Read more…

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