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I feel like this is not news to anyone- that strength training has zillions of benefits to you health and physique. Health-wise, it can be narrowed down to these points: 1. You get stronger and faster and more fit. 2. You prevent injury by having strong muscles, and ligaments. 3. Metabolically, your body will be […] Read more…



Alrighty this is long… Aaron flew with me to Miami, along with my coach Robyn and her boyfriend Lyman. Weather in Miami was not great, with most days rainy or at least overcast- we didn’t even go to the beach!┬áBut at least the temperature was a lot more pleasant than Utah. During the trip, I […] Read more…



Despite the seemingly flawless photos of competitors or fitness models, or people on social media posting their best, most flattering selfie (guilty), just be aware that many if not all of them have insecurities and flaws. I’ve spent lots of time while in contest prep browsing photos of pro competitors, to get an idea of […] Read more…