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Creamy roasted garlic butternut soup

Tis the season for butternut squash! I love it in certain things- and this homemade soup that I tweaked from a sauce recipe, is my favorite thing lately! First of all, know that the recipe is adapted from this AMAZING autumn lasagna.  I make it every fall, and it’s worth the calories! Actually, I don’t think of […] Read more…


goal digger

Hey guys. So By now you should know I have a traditional no-nonsense approach to health and wellness. Eat well, move your body = you get results. I discourage gimmicks, crash and fad diets, quick fixes, and I’ve also turned down every offer to be a health coach because I don’t love either the idea […] Read more…


Should I have cheat meals?

Most people are familiar with the term “cheat meals,” but I don’t actually like that term- at all. Cheating imposes you’re doing something WRONG- like cheating on a spouse, cheating on a test. Cheating on your diet. We are not even on a diet…. The idea of a “cheat day” is even worse. None of […] Read more…


Egg white frittata

A friend recently asked me for this recipe, and I can’t believe I haven’t posted it yet! It’s in the normal rotation around here, because there’s SO many ways to tweak it for a different flavor and the nutrition is insane! It’s good warm or cold, for breakfast or dinner. Top with salsa, or whatever […] Read more…


To meal prep or “wing it”

In different seasons of my “fit life”, I find some methods to be effective, and others make me crazy 😉 I see a lot of posts on pinterest and social media showing perfectly lined up tupperwares with a week’s worth of healthy food. I’ve done this too and posted about it lots. I just want to […] Read more…


lasagna soup

This soup recipe has been in the dinner rotation for years now, and we love it! It’s super simple,(WAY easier than making lasagna), it’s healthy, and it’s a go-to if I’m planning to take dinner to someone. It’s a lightened up version by Bobby Deen, from Paula Deen’s original.  2 teaspoons olive oil 1 lb […] Read more…

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